Played a round at the Temporary Course at the Currie Reservoir and did NOT like it. The terrain was fun, the weather was decent the company was fantastic!

My main complaint of the course is the philosophy. If I understand it correctly it was designed to be adaptable to play different holes and layout for tournaments verses regular play. The course has 21 holes and many of the fairways are ridiculously tight. In order to accommodate the 21 holes on a small space AND make the course tricky the course designers created ‘hazards’ rather than out of bounds. You take your shot where it lands but in the hazard you add a stroke. A few here and there I can agree with. Every hole is defined by the hazards including one where the hazard is within the putting circle. I played one hole where my all three of my shots were in the hazard but I was pin high and putting for a 7. Missed putt of course so I got my first snowman of the year. Let’s contain it to one please.

Dave, Brenda, Neal, Kris P, and myself played in temperature of about 5 degrees with a snow covering.

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