Wayne, AB for the annual Lost Egg tournament that Elijah sets up every year during the long weekend in August. dGb is a proud sponsor of this tournament for the last 10 years. As far as I can remember Hole 9 is my sponsor hole. This is an PDGA sanctioned event at the XB Level. 19 holes of PURE fun!

Thursday and Friday were set up and practice rounds and both days I managed a +1 in near perfect conditions. Gotta love 33 degrees Centigrade weather! Friday evening was check in. Nice swag for the Am’s. Disc, Shirt and mini with the logo’s. As a sponsor I received and extra pack that contained a hoody! Unfortunately it is too small for me so I will have to give it away.

Saturday Morning 7:30 am and we start on Hole 6, and by we I mean Christ Teeple and new guy LT. Hole 6, 17, 18 are my nemesis holes on this course. Not a good hole to start on. At least I managed a bogey as did Teeple. The rest of the round went pretty routine with a couple of birds and a couple of bogeys (yes, Hole 17 was a bogey) and I finished with an Even and Teeple was down 1. LT had a rough round.

Saturday Afternoon 2:30 pm found us back on the course and of course the wind kicked up a bit. LT was switched out for Rod Pfiefer from Strathmore. A very solid player but he was affected by the wind as well. Hole 6 and 18 were once again my nemesis providing me with double bogey’s. The rest of the round was weak but not horrible. Teeple ended with a -1, Rod a +5, and I finished with a +9. Dammit! Luckily for me I did not lose top card.

Sunday Morning 10:30 am found us once again on Hole 5. Kicked off the round with a birdie! So did Teeple. All weekend Teeple rarely made any mistakes where as Rod and I did occasionally. I took my first OB on the weekend with Hole 10 second shot. It was a very dumb play and I am still mad at myself. Holes 6 and 18 gave me another couple of bogeys and I never saw another bird. Hole 15 was a big swing hole. Rod hit an Ace! Teeple birdied and I parred. Teeple spent the entire weekend in the lead and finished this round with a -1 as did his previous 2. Well done. Rod finished with a +2 and I finished with +4. Solid enough to place third!