On a very smokey Saturday in Elkford, BC 72 disc golfers gathered for the 2023 Copcan Deerborne Gutshot: NADGT Canada. I was one of them! Gimmy Abriotti and I signed up to play the tournament and we both competed in MA50. Gimmy had never played the course before and he struggled but still shot well. I have played the course before and in fact played the day before (Friday August 18th) and shot an Personal Best (-4) so I was expecting to have a great round.

I did not disappoint. I had a good round but not a great round! I shot a +1 with two putts that were “spit” out and one really bonehead play. On hole 2 I threw the disc straight up into the air about 3 meters in front of the tee and into some tree’s. Took a bogey on that hole.

Second round started with me tied for first place with John Kinch. We played on the same card and were shooting the same more or less. Tough battle until half way through our round when disaster hit for him on Hole 18. He took a double bogey and I took a bird. Looks like the round was mine.

NO! Hole 2 was a disaster again with a bogey followed by a bogey on 3, 5, and 6. The game is all tied up again with 2 holes to go. Hole 7 was almost a give away from John where he hit a tree off the Tee and I shot cleanly down the fair way. His recovery shot was absolutely perfect and we both ended with a par.

Final hole. His shot was decent and down the fair way. I had thrown my Yellow Archer the round before and had an easy bird. So, tried the same shot and had the exact same result for a bird. John could not make the bird and I won the round and tournament.

Elkford – August 18th, 2023 – Practice Round – Solo

I came to Elkford early to play a practice round as I had not thrown a disc in almost 2 weeks. The round started solid with a bird on 2 followed by a bird on 4 [see image – may have to zoom to see the landing]. Hole 6 is a blind down hill hyzer. I did not make the turn in time and ended with a bogey. That turns out to be the only bogey of the round. I finished with two more birds and a personal best [PB] -4.