The 5th Annual Isle of Mull a C-Tier PDGA Event  disc golf tournament was held in Baker Park on June 18th and 19th, 2016


Courtesy of Kelly Sereda (click to see all photos)


Have a look at the  Tournament Handout designed by Christopher “Lobo” McBurney and printed by Little Rock Printing Service

A huge thank you to all our sponsors providing our 81 (record!) players with the opportunity to share $1720.00 Pro cash.

A dramatic finish to the tournament where Rob Sharpe and Zach Newhouse once again had a playoff to determine the Open Pro champion. Wait! Also a dramatic finish in the Grand Masters with a three way tie between Ziggy, Bevan, Rudeman. There were a record 19 Advanced players with payouts to the top 8 where 2nd to 8th place was separated by 6 points!

A shout out to all the players for a job well done!

Tournament Pro Winners
Place Division Name City Score Payout
1st Open Rob Sharpe Edmonton 142 $270
2nd Open Zach Newhouse Calgary 142 $184
3rd Open gaRk Calgary 145 $128
4th Open Matt Riordan Banff 150 $94
5th Open Bogdan Szafranowicz Calgary 152 $75
1st Masters Kris P Calgary 148 $200
2nd Masters Ben Ellard Calgary 153 $120
1st Grand Master Ziggy Calgary 163 $266
2nd Grand Master Bevan Payne Calgary 163 $169
3rd Grand Master Rudeman Calgary 163 $124
4th Grand Master Jim Stevens Calgary 166 $91
Tournament Amatuer Winners
1st Junior Noah Higgins Lethbridge 192 Disc’s
2nd Junior Jace Lacourciere Lethbridge 200 Disc’s
1st Novice Jacob Mah Calgary 172 Disc’s
2nd Novice Brett Pennington Calgary 173 Disc’s
3rd Novice Mitch Lacourciere Lethbridge 174 Disc
1st Novice Women Jodi Rooney Calgary 219 Disc’s
2nd Novice Women Veronica Sorochan Calgary 228 Disc’s
1st Intermediate Micheal Gould Edmonton 171 Disc’s
2nd Intermediate Robin Lambert Calgary 172 Disc’s
2nd Intermediate Mike Kenny Red Deer 172 Disc
4th Intermediate James Cliff Calgary 173 Disc
1st Advanced Cormac Calgary 149 Bag and Disc’s
2nd Advanced Joey Wilson Edmonton 159 Disc’s
2nd Advanced Leo Lacourciere Lethbridge 159 Disc’s
4th Advanced Dan Chomik Calgary 161 Disc’s
4th Advanced Clayton Olson Calgary 171 Disc’s
6th Advanced Kalen Faubert Calgary 172 Disc’s
7th Advanced Liam Bailey Calgary 163 Disc’s
8th Advanced Shaun Skinner Calgary 165 Disc
1st Advanced Women Chelsey Clifford Red Deer 195 Bag and Disc’s
2nd Advanced Women Carmyn Scott Lethbridge 230 Disc’s
1st Advanced Masters Skye Beddington Calgary 160 Disc’s
2nd Advanced Masters Kelly Sereda Calgary 167 Disc’s
2nd Advanced Masters Duff Rooney Calgary 167 Disc’s
4th Advanced Lobo Calgary 168 Disc