Spent the weekend in Edmonton AB playing Rundle Park with 102 other players.   Wally set the course up with special 21 hole layout.   Then went a step further and modified hole 14 to be an extra hard island hole.   Damn you Wally!

Friday drive up was kind of rough as John Hachey and I travelled in the rain.  Turns out when we arrived in Leduc there was a Tornado warning in the area announcement sent to our phone.   Not a good omen.

Saturday started out just fine and I was carded on the 13th hole with Braden Walters, Tim Schuuman, Bruce MacFarlane.  Hole 14 was downright nasty!  Everyone one of us missed the island and took a stroke.  The rest of the round was pretty average and I only picked up one birdie but managed to hold on and win the round.   The most exciting part was on hole 5 which is an elevated basket.  I went to lay up my shot and I ended up missing the Ace by centimeters.   An almost unintentional Ace!

Saturday afternoon was warmer and the Tee Pads on the extra holes were much drier.  Same group of MA50’s but a new MA2 person on the card.   Once again, everyone on our card missed the island hole.  It is definitely a tough shot and very technical.  I picked up some birdies this round and shot a +1 for a strong afternoon and maintained my lead.   2 rounds down and I have a 6 point lead for Sunday.

Sunday morning and a damn early start after too much beer (again).   The same four MA50’s and the same MA2 on our card.   A nice day but because it is early there is still a lot of dew on the ground and the Tee Pads are not the best.   The wind picked up about a third of the way through the round.  Tim started on strong with a birdie.  Unfortunately he tripped up on 17 and went OB and then missed a the putt for a 6.    The rest of the round was not particularly special for any of us.  Tim and I tied on the day and I maintained a 7 point lead to win my second recorded tournament.   Both of them in Edmonton at Rundle Park.

A huge shout out to Wally for the tournament and Greg Gatzke for the course clean up.   Fantastic weekend!