I have a life long Basket List to play in every province and territory in Canada as well as every State in The United States of America. Note: COVID 19 is making this a little trickier!


Canada – 4 Provinces out of 13

U.S.A – 7 States out of 50


How about I set a new goal every year starting with 2021?

2022: Play 50 Rounds of Disc Golf and 22 different courses. This might be easier without COVID.

12 of 50 Rounds

7 of 22 Courses – Currie Reservoir, LCSA, NS, Baker, Aperture, Peenaquim, Highland Park

2021: Play 21 different courses at least twice per course as well as play in all 12 months of the year.


11 of 12 Months – Failed in the month of December as work interfered! Shit!

15 of 21 courses – Failed but I thought I had played more