A nice weekend in Rundle Park turned into a successful one for me.   Try as I might I could not throw the tournament!   My first C-Tier win in quite some time happened at the River City City Cup – 20th Anniversary.  Thank you Wally Ovalle for hosting another great event.

Saturday opened Hole 6 and playing on a card with Duff Rooney and James Morton and a par for a score.  Not bad.  Bogey Bogey for the next two holes which made me feel things were going to be ugly.  Alas, I settled down, eventually, picking up 4 birds and 4 bogeys to finish the first round with a course par of 56.   The weather was about as near perfect as you can ask for.

Saturday afternoon also started on Hole 6 but this time with Duff and Brad Beer and of course a par for the score.   Instead of dropping off with bogeys I pulled of pars through the next 17 holes and actually picked up 4 birds along the way finishing with a solid 52.   The weather was very warm and my game is at its best when we the temperature is hot and there is no waiting on each Tee.   My score definitely reflected it!   Wow!  A 52!

Lead card and lead score with a 4 point cushion on 2nd and 7 point cushion on 3rd.    Sunday started once again on Hole 6 and solid results through the first 12 holes.  Even the deadly lake hole I only picked up a bogey (4) where my card mates Steve Ouellet and Duff picked up a 7 and 8 respectively.   It is Hole 18 when the wheels came off.  With a 7 point lead I shoot a snowman on (8) on 18.  Tree after tree for the first 5 shots.  The next 3 holes saw me pick up two more bogeys and then the worst mistake of the weekend.  Hole 4.  Excellent drive and less than 2 meters from the basket.   A bit uphill and into the wind.  I throw my soft putter and it hits the basket and drops to the ground.  But wait, it is not over, the disc decides to begin the long slow roll down the hill. FUCK!   Now I have a 15 meter uphill throw through a pair of tree’s.  Damn right I took a meter relief from the fence.  I need some room for my back hand throw.   I made it.  The throw was almost perfect to flop down right at the base and I walk away with a bogey.  Final Hole is 7.  I birdied it twice on Saturday but they have moved the basket to the right.  I sail it a bit too far right and it gets caught in a pine tree about 8-10 meters from the basket.   I go for it (but not too hard) and miss but the disc stays put and I clean up for a par.

Right about now I am sure hoping I have not given up 1st place to Duff who, aside from the lake hole on 12, shot a pretty solid game.   We count the score and damned if I did not hold on to win by ONE lousy stroke!

What a weekend!   My first C-Tier win in over 4 years.    Man does it feel good!   Cudo’s and thanks to Duff for playing all three rounds with me and being a really great golfer.   Thanks to Steve, Brad and James for playing this weekend as well.


3,2,3,3,2,3,5,4,3 – 2,4,3,4,3,2,3,3,4 = 56

3,3,3,3,2,3,4,3,3 – 2,2,3,2,2,3,3,3,4 = 52

4,3,4,4,3,3,4,4,3 – 3,4,4,4,2,3,3,3,8 = 66

A note of thanks to Lobo for creating this amazing PDF for the tournament!