Happy Birthday Canada!  A solid 150 years old and I am going to celebrate by playing in the 14th Lizard Range Fernie disc golf tournament.   Advanced Masters group.  Wonder who I will be playing with?   I kind of like it better not knowing!  Does not matter too much as I will have some fun.

What started out as a perfect day in the park turned into a bit of a sad finish.   Fernie Disc Golf Course (Lizard Range) and I am in a group of 4 Advanced Masters. James Tomassan,  Scott Jardine, and Jody Cairns.   Great throw to start the tournament on Hole 12 with a solid birdie.   The next few holes are in heavily wooded area and I come through with pars.   I am feeling good and keeping pace with the card.   Hole 18.  A little foreshadow as I bogey the hole.   No problem, I can recover, and sure enough Hole 3 finds my second birdie and now I am sitting down one half way through round 1.   Alas I give that stroke back on hole 6 and finish the round with a par.   Perfect day!

Wait, it is getting warm and I am having a few wobblies, worse, I feel like I need a nap.   Time for the second round with James (55), and Jeff (55), myself (55), and Scott (60).  Round two starts off poorly.  We are on hole 11 which is the only par 4 on the course and I am putting for a bird.   Wham, off the basket and out of the ‘island’ to finish with a bogey.  So, not impressed but shake it off as hole 12 I birdied earlier in the day.  FUCK!  Another bogie!  I proceeded to follow the next two holes after that with bogies before settling down and hitting routine pars.  Hole 18: My morning nemesis.  First throw, OB, second throw, OB, third throw, OB.   Putting for an 8.  This round and this tournament is over for me.    My only highlight was a drop in bird on Hole 1 and that left me shooting a 67 for the round.

I finished the tournament with a 122 and tied for 5th place.