Aside from the fact that it is February 20th, 2021 and the sun was shining and we are playing a round of disc golf … THE WIND SUCKS!

It started with just a healthy wind but manageable but it sure did not take long to ruin my game. After posting a health Eagle on hole 1 from the reds the wind decided to erase my lead. On a decent drive on hole two I decided to just flop my putter up to the basket and take the par especially as the other players we all going to be hitting par’s at best. Well, the wind took my disc and flung it about 5 meters past and behind a tree. My “recovery” shot was a disaster coming back into the wind and then my bogey shot missed the basket. UGH!

Nothing exciting happened along the way until 15 and 16. Hole 15 was straight into heavy wind and all four of us took a bogey. 16 was another wind disaster. I had a great drive and mediocre approach leaving me about 3 meters from the basket. My putt was straight forward and a little high but that tiny bit out was enough for the wind to get underneath the putter and sent the disc about 10 meters down hill. There goes a birdie and here comes the bogey!

I did cause my own grief on hole 7. More or less into the wind and I was taking my second shot from the tree line on the left hand side of the fairway. This is a tough location to judge distance and accurately close in on the basket. I did myself NO favours by using my Blue Archer. I have never thrown it into the wind and I was somewhat curios as to how it would fly. For the record, the disc flies VERY poorly into a headwind. I should have used my Discraft BUZZZ SS and attacked the wind.

Jay (-3), Murray (-1), John (+3), Sean (+4)

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