Is that possible? Yes, Week 8 of League was all about the rain, mosquitos and missed putts by hitting the basket and not the chains. Played a round with Chris Teeple, Kris P, Braden and Ethan. Kris P shot the lights out and rarely missed a putt from just about anywhere. He had his old beat up Epic out and was crushing it. Eagle on 16! Oh, the same hole I went OB. Nice.

I am convinced I can not play a round (when it counts) at DRM without throwing at least 1 OB. On top of that I managed 5 putts in a row hitting the basket and falling to the ground. 7 of 8 putts on the back 9 hit the basket and fell to the ground. I managed a +7 and maybe, in spite of the crappy weather, I might have shot par if my putting was on.

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