Monday evening and we are playing week 6. The Hawg is away and Duff and I worked the “gate.” Decent turn out for an excellent evening. A little tired of throwing the plastic all weekend but still managed an even score. Zach Newhouse was on my card and aside from a weak finish on 18 shot an amazing 50 (to my 63)

Played with Bevan, Zach, Braden and his son Ethan. Strong play by all with all of us making a mess of at least one hole. My disaster was hole 9. Big island hole and we had a slight cross wind so I decide to play it safe with a short putt to the gap (missed) and then a flick to the right side (went deep into the trees) and finally a missed putt for a 6. If I had taken the shot and gone OB I probably would have shot a 5 … but I could have shot par. Silly Sean.

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