Ok, kicking of 2018 with a new post and maybe this year I will keep things going.   No excuses, other than beer, that I do not keep this blog up to date.   Played two rounds of disc golf at Parwood DGC in Sparwood, BC with Murray Friesen , John Hachey, Wayne Lippa, Jay Yanke and Kirk Duelien.

Awesome weather, great course, and little pain in the arm. I think I am healed and ready to kick off the season. Three birdies in the first round for a +5 and 1 birdie in the second round for another +5. Best score of the day goes to Jay with a -2 in the first round.

I find throwing up hill and to the right is far more difficult than it should be.  The course has a couple of those shots and while it is easy to par the hole it is not very easy to birdie!


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