Woke up this morning and the weather forecast for both Calgary and Lethbridge was calm and warm with no hint of rain.  Off I go on the BMW R1200RT for a ride down to Sunny Lethbridge to play a round with John Hachey, Jay Yanke, and Murray Friesen at Nicholas Sheran.

Another variation game.   Prior each hole we would choose a red, white and blue disc to be flipped into the air.   The odd landing (face up or face down) of the three is the colored tee we throw from.

Adds a little mystery to the game.

Jay (-6), John (-3), Sean (-1), Murray (+4) [Rough day for Murray]


1-R, 2-R, 3-W, 4-R, 5-R, 6-W, 7-B, 8-B, 9-W

10-W, 11-R, 12-R, 13-W, 14-B, 15-B, 16-W, 17-R, 18-R

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