I learned a new “game” today.   A group of you go out for a round of disc golf and you want to spice it up a bit.   How about putting some money on the line?  Forces you to up your game, right?  Well, I do not like putting “big” money to play a game I enjoy.

Solution.  Play, Buck! Buck! Buck!

Everyone in the group agrees to pay a buck for the front nine, a buck for the back nine, and a buck for the overall game.  The player(s) who win the front nine split the “bucks” for the front nine, the player(s) split the “bucks” for the back nine, and finally the player(s) split the “bucks” for the overall score.  Both the front and the back nine are for only those holes.  Just because you had a great front does not mean you will have a great back or overall score.   This gives you a chance to hedge your bets, so to speak, and still give yourself competition.

I like it!

Tell me about other games to play to add interest to the same old round.

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