Monthly Archives: April 2015

Flipping for Spring in Lethbridge

Woke up this morning and the weather forecast for both Calgary and Lethbridge was calm and warm with no hint of rain.  Off I go on the BMW R1200RT for a ride down to Sunny Lethbridge to play a round with John Hachey, Jay Yanke, and Murray Friesen at Nicholas Sheran. Another variation game.   Prior each hole we would choose a red, white and blue disc to be flipped into the air.   The odd landing (face up or face down) of the three is the colored tee we throw from. Adds a little mystery to the game. Jay (-6), John (-3), Sean (-1), Murray (+4) [Rough day for Murray] Colors: 1-R, 2-R, 3-W, […]

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Buck! Buck! Buck!

I learned a new “game” today.   A group of you go out for a round of disc golf and you want to spice it up a bit.   How about putting some money on the line?  Forces you to up your game, right?  Well, I do not like putting “big” money to play a game I enjoy. Solution.  Play, Buck! Buck! Buck! Everyone in the group agrees to pay a buck for the front nine, a buck for the back nine, and a buck for the overall game.  The player(s) who win the front nine split the “bucks” for the front nine, the player(s) split the “bucks” for the back nine, and finally the […]

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Alternate Back Nine in Thorncliffe

Played a round today at Thornecliff with Neil Stuart, Edie Braybrook, and Howie.   I was introduced to “the alternate back” nine which increases the length of each and every hole.   Hole 16 is actually basket 2 and 10.   So, one basket is used three times (basket 2 – 2,10,16) and one basket is only used once (baseket 8).   This made the whole course a lot more challenging. I shot even on the front 9 and +7 on the back nine.   Now I have a baseline to improve upon! -sean

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