Today is the first day of the Disc Golf Blog (technically version 2 – as the last blog became corrupted and then abandoned).   The goal of this blog is to provide a medium in which to display the courses, dates and scores of the rounds I have played.   One of my pet peeves is going to a new course and having a difficult time finding the first tee box.  So, I am going to attempt to provide GPS coordinates and or a description of each of the courses I play so others (and myself!) can find them again.

I tend to keep and track my scores for each round of disc golf I play as well as compare them to previous rounds etc.  In time I will be connecting a database of all the scores I have tracked.   Additionally I would like to develop an App (iOS and Andriod) in which to record the scores and the players.   There are a few Apps out there but I always find the functionality lacking.

Enjoy the site!


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