The last day of January and it is a pleasant 9 degrees centigrade ... on January 31st, 2021!    Of course we are going to play a round of disc golf.
 My opening hole started with a forehand flick around a tree to sink an Eagle putt.   I am in for a great game!   Well, by hole 3 I knew that was not a true statement.   
 My drives were solid to awesome, my approaches were at best medium, and aside from 3 holes my putting was very disappointing.    Wind was not really a factor but my focus certainly was.   For instance, on hole 16 I had the best drive ever, and missed a 3.5 meter Eagle putt.   Not even close.  
 Jay took kitty home but at least we got to play in January (again!)
 Red Tee's:   Jay (-11), John (-9), Sean (-6) 

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