This is not the official registration page.  The official Isle of Mull Registration Sheet will be at the tournament

Registered – Tournament Disc
1 Chelsey Clifford Female Red Deer Advanced
2 Carmyn Scott Female Lethbridge Advanced
3 Liam Bailey (Not Paid) Male Calgary Advanced
4 Mike Burgess Male Calgary Advanced
5 Jason Betts Male Lethbridge Advanced
6 Leo Lacourciere Male Calgary Advanced
7 Kalen Faubert Male Calgary Advanced
8 Joey Wilson Male Edmonton Advanced
9 Shaun Skinner Male Calgary Advanced
10 Shawn Friesen Male Calgary Advanced
11 Eugene Pantella Male Calgary Advanced
12 Dan Chomik Male Calgary Advanced
13 Paul Christie Male Calgary Advanced
14 Clayton Olson Male Calgary Advanced
15 Benjamin Anderson Male Telkwa Advanced
16 Cormac Hergott Male Calgary Advanced
17 Brad Ireland Male Calgary Advanced
18 John Price Male Red Deer Advanced
19 Kelly Sereda Male Calgary Advanced Master
20 Scott Jardine Male Lethbridge Advanced Master
21 Duff Rooney Male Calgary Advanced Master
22 Pat Hergott Male Calgary Advanced Master
23 Chris Teeple Male Calgary Advanced Master
24 Christopher McBurney Male Calgary Advanced Master
25 Richard Herbert Male Lethbridge Grandmaster
26 John Hachey Male Lethbridge Grandmaster
27 Ziggy Goguen Male Canmore Grandmaster
28 Ron Falconer Male Calgary Grandmaster
29 Murray Friesen Male Lethbridge Grandmaster
30 Jim Stevens Male Calgary Grandmaster
31 Beven Payne Male Calgary Grandmaster
32 Howi Meeker Male Calgary Grandmaster
33 Matt Byma Male Strathmore Intermediate
34 James Tomasson Male Calgary Intermediate
35 Dion Clifford Male Red Deer Intermediate
36 Jonathan Stewart Male Calgary Intermediate
37 Mike Kenny Male Calgary Intermediate
38 Robin lambert Male Red Deer Intermediate
39 Jace Lacourciere Male Lethbridge Junior
40 Noah Higgins Male Lethbridge Junior
41 Craig Tibadou Male Calgary Master
42 Ben Ellard Male Calgary Master
43 Mark Dron Male Calgary Master
44 Brenda Page Female Calgary Novice
45 Tyler Bailey Male Red Deer Novice
46 Brett Pennington Male Calgary Novice
47 Mitch Lacourciere Male Lethbridge Novice
48 Dave Page Male Calgary Novice
49 Jodi Rooney Female Calgary Novice
50 Aubrey Price Female Red Deer Novice
51 Stevan Loertscher Male Calgary Novice
52 Reece Honour Male Calgary Open
53 Tyler Mayotte Male Edmonton Open
54 Conor McKeown Male Canmore Open
55 Elijah Isaac Male Calgary Open
56 Troy Rayner Male Calgary Open
57 Jason Brown Male Edmonton Open
58 Zach Newhouse Male Calgary Open
59 Rudeman Male Calgary Open
60 Greg Gatzke Male Edmonton Open
Registered – Not Paid
61 Brady Wheatcroft Male Calgary Advanced
62 James Hayashi Male Calgary Advanced
63 Darren Olsen Male Calgary Advanced
64 Skye Beddington Male Calgary Advanced Master
65 Peter Rioux Male Calgary Grandmaster
66 Mike Sorochan Male Calgary Grandmaster
67 Melissa Haugen Female Calgary Novice
68 Veronica Sorochan Female Calgary Novice
69 Jacob Loewen Male Lethbridge Novice
70 Jacob Mah Male Calgary Novice
71 Tyler Rizok Male Calgary Novice
72 John Price Male Red Deer Advanced
73 Eric Loewen Male Calgary Advanced
74 Darren Haugen Male Calgary Intermediate
75 Max Morin Male Calgary Intermediate
76 Cliff James Male Calgary Intermediate
77 Micheal Gould Male Edmonton Intermediate
78 Mike Squires Male Calgary Master
79 Kris Pereira Male Bowness Master
80 Jerryson Rosa Male Red Deer Open
81 Rob Sharpe Male Edmonton Open
82 Bogdan Szafranowicz Male Calgary Open
83 Dave Miron Male Calgary Open
84 Matt Riordan Male Banff Open