Monthly Archives: June 2016

Isle of Mull Success

Come join us on June 18-19th, 2016 for the Fifth Annual Isle of Mull. We have 77 people registered and just over 52 hours before first tee off. Our registration has been a huge success and I want to thank everyone who has pre-registered. We do have a 90 player cut off so hurry and register and pay. The first 72 paid receive a Disc Craft Disc with the 5th Annual Isle of Mull print. Register Here -sean

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4 days of Online Registration

Look at that! 35 paid Registrants, 7 non-paid Registrants for 42 Players. This far exceeded my expectation of 25 early registrants. After this weekend at Big Bear we should have a dozen more which should make our job at the players bench a lot easier! Well done folks! Remember the first 72 paid registrants receive a tournament disc. Online or in person. -sean

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Monday at Baker

Spent some time playing a round with Neil and Lobo at Baker Park preparing for the 5th Annual Isle of Mull.   This tournament is filling fast (32 Registered in the first day) so make sure you Register.   While you are registering take time to Pre-Pay to help us move the registration along on Saturday June 18th.   Hope to see you there!

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